Staying Fit on the HCG Diet

Being able to stay on the HCG diet once you’ve begun can be difficult thing for some people. Not everyone is used to eating a strict diet and that habit alone can be a tough one to break. The HCG diet does not take very long to complete, it can be as few as 15 days or as many as 40, depending on the specific HCG protocol you choose. Sometimes, though, even 15 days can seem like a lifetime when you’re not enjoying yourself or haven’t made adequate plans in order to ensure your success. Here are a few tips that HCG dieters use to help them stay on their diet and enjoy the weight loss that comes with it:


  • Stick to the HCG diet list of approved foods. If you have trouble with deciding what to eat and what not to, then rigidly adhere to the HCG diet food list as described by Dr. Simeons in his book Pounds & Inches. There are several HCG diet variations on the market, but this one was the original. Provided that you stick to the recommendations of Dr. Simeons HCG diet, you can be sure that you’re not inadvertently going off the diet and sabotaging your weight loss results.


  • If you find hunger and other HCG diet side effects an issue, especially during phase 2, then have food prepared ahead of time. Preparing your food long before you need to eat it will allow you to eat the moment you begin to feel overwhelmed by hunger and help keep you from overeating. Often, people on diets try their best to eat as little as possible in order to lose weight. However, this often leads to excessive hunger and that leads to excessive eating. Don’t let yourself get too hungry by preparing your meals when it’s time to eat. Do it beforehand and then simply heat and serve.


  • Keep your meals varied and exciting. Nothing will destroy a diet faster than having to eat the same boring thing over and over again. Luckily, there are HCG diet recipe books that contain hundreds of recipes approved for the HCG diet. Making sure to change it up every day will help keep your meals exciting, and the continued weight loss that happens as a result will help motivate you as well.


  • Drink a lot of water. Water helps cleanse the toxins from your body that are released when HCG breaks down the stores of fatty tissue. It also helps with pretty much every other function in the body. You’d be surprised just how many people actually go through every day of their lives in a state of mild to moderate dehydration. Drinking water before each meal will not only help keep you hydrated, but also help fill your stomach making you feel full faster. It can also be beneficial to drink water when you feel hungry during the day, it will temporarily fill your stomach and reduce the feelings of being hungry.


  • Be sure to only use seasonings approved for the HCG diet. Seasonings are so small and insignificant little things and they’re often overlooked by people on the HCG diet. Remember that certain seasonings should be abstained from, while others can be enjoyed to your heart’s content. You can even season your water with lemon juice in order to give it some flavor and help keep things interesting.