Is the HCG Drops Different from the HCG Injections?

One of the popular methods for supplementing HCG is to take HCG diet drops. They’re a lot less intimidating than daily injections and that means a lot for most people. Both the diet drops and the injections offer the same results, provided that the HCG diet protocol is followed accurately. This is the primary factor that dictates individual results on the HCG diet. Maintaining a 500 calorie a day diet during phase 2 is crucial to maximizing weight loss results.

Both versions of the HCG diet consist of 3 phases. During the first two, HCG diet injections or diet drops are taken to assist with weight loss. Phase 1 is short, lasting only two days, and requires that dieters eat a very high calorie diet that consists of fatty foods. The ability to store as much fat as possible during these 2 days is important, so you must pay particular attention to what you eat. Simply ingesting any old calories will not due, as it will not store enough fat to help keep your body healthy during phase 2 of the diet. You can get an idea of the kinds of foods you need to eat during phase 1 by reading any of the HCG diet books out there, or simply using common sense. While starches and sugars can certainly make you fat, they don’t always necessarily contain a high concentration of fat themselves, and as such are not the ideal foods for this phase of the diet. Try eating heavier foods that contain fats and proteins instead. It can be difficult to eat foods like this for every meal for two whole days, and you can see why phase 1 of the HCG diet is often referred to as the “forced feeding phase.”

During phase 2, you will eat only 500 calories a day and as little fat as possible. The fats you eat should only be present in the meats that accompany your meals, and should not be gained from any other sources. As a matter of fact, it is advised that you trim any extra fat off of your meats prior to cooking them. This will not only reduce your total fat intake, but it will trim unnecessary calories from your meals, making it easier to stick to the 500 calorie a day diet. You will continue to take HCG drops (or injections) while this phase continues, and it is very important that you not miss any! If you must, set your cellphone or watch to alert you to when it’s time to take your HCG drops.

Phase 2 is arguably the hardest, but phase 3 is the most important. This is the stabilization phase where you curb your weight loss and bring your body back to normal. It’s important to increase your caloric intake during phase 3, and weigh yourself every day. Be sure your weight does not fluctuate more than 2lbs either way, and after 3 weeks you can begin to eat more normally.

If you want to follow the HCG drops diet, you can buy HCG diet drops online from any number of vendors. Beware HCG diet scams, as they are all over the place and the product they sell is often ineffective. Ask your doctor where to buy HCG diet drops online or check out the HCG diet forums and ask the successful dieters there where they got theirs from.