Cutting Down a Tree Yourself

Factors to Consider Before Cutting Down a Tree Yourself

Tree removal is often done by professionals who charge a considerable amount just to get it done. You might consider doing it yourself instead of involving a professional because of some personal reasons. While this might look like a daunting task for some, it may appear as an interesting project for others. There are some factors that you need to consider before you embark on this project yourself.

Factors to Consider About Professional Services

There are some factors to consider if you are forgoing these professional services. There could be a good reason why you are unable to hire a professional.


Do you have enough money to cater for the professional service fees? If you do not have a budget dedicated to tree removal then you may be unable to get a professional to do it. Tree removal prices vary across, among other things, the size of the tree. If yours is bigger, older and will cost more, you could be worried that you do not have enough money to pay a professional to remove the specific tree.


Do you have the time to look for a professional landscaper and tree cutter and do you have the energy to deal with them? It is near impossible to find these professionals during some seasons of the year. Additionally, you still need to deal with them after you have hired them and this requires time and energy on your part.

Nature of Your Yard

A professional may have to break a part of your perimeter wall or put a hole in your fence in order to get the tree removal equipment in. You have to consider whether this will be a problem for you, especially because it means that you will spend more because you have to repair the fence or wall afterwards. Click here to know more about this

Factors to Consider About Yourself

You also need to evaluate some things about yourself before you can start on cutting a tree on your own.

Time and Strength

Do you have enough spare time to allocate to tree cutting? If you have the time to take up the project then you need to further ask yourself whether you have the strength and build of body to take on the task.

Chain Saw

You need to ask yourself whether you have a chain saw. In addition, you need to consider the amount of strength that one needs to wield a chain saw. Do you know how to use a chain saw without hurting yourself? It is one thing to use a chain saw and another to take the professional and necessary precautions for safety.

Ladder Support and Tree Endowment

Does your tree have a trunk that is sturdy enough to support a ladder? This is important because you will need to lean a ladder against the tree trunk if you are to remove the tree on your own. You also need to assess the placement of branches on the tree and whether or not they are strong enough to stand on.

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